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In the end, it is what our customers say that really matters. Here are the comments of some of them:

Johnny Hanekom, Keetmanshoop, Namibia: The two (2) machines that I've bought, exceed all my expectatoins as far as power generation is concerned. I am really pleased with their performance, and I am planning to buy the third unit.

Johnny van der Linde, Groblershoop: We are retired on our farm outside Groblershoop, and have always experienced a shortage of electricity from the solar panels we had. With our Winglette wind generator now installed, we are seeking ways to utilize the abandance of power thats available now!

Nico Grobler, East Coast, Mozambique: We have a holiday home near Vilancuro, and are well please with our Winglette. Being a pilot for the South Africa Air ways, I just love the Winglette's modern technology and good looks

————Battery banks...

A good sized, and well maintained, battery bank, is the basis of almost all offgrid power generation systems, whether wind power, solar power, or engine driven generators. Battery banks are also the cause of most problems with independent alternative energy systems. Batteries need to be replaces between 8 and 12 years, and consequently become expensive if poorly managed.

We have learned a great deal from forklift owners that use large batteries to drive these machines, and recommend that you use the following as guidelines:.

  • Always try to utilize the smallest size battery bank that will still be workable.
  • Pay particular attention the the protection of you batteries.
  • Do all things to stretch the life span of you batteries as much as possible.

With these guidelines in mind, we recommend that one rather choose a larger wind generator, or higher tower, than a larger battery bank size. Acquire good measuring instruments to determine the effectiveness of the battery cells. Keep batteries clean and stored in a dry place.

A good size battery bank for a 3kWatt wind generator is 400 ampere-hour. That means if you buy 2Volt cells, and have a 36Volts system, buy 18 of 400 ampere-hour cells. If you buy 12Volt, 100 amp-hr units, you will need 3 x 4 , that is 12 batteries.

The discharge rate, via your Inverter, should not be more that 10% to 20% of the battery capacity. In the Forklift industry, they use two sets of batteries, one being charged, while the second is in service.

Keep in mind that if your inverter draws 60 ampere form the system, and you wind generator is charging at a rate of 45 ampere, that your batteries are only discharging at a rate of 15 ampere.

Make sure that your battery bank is charged to full capacity at least once a week. Batteries that are running, for long periods of time, below their maximum capacity, looses its ability to contain its designed full load capacity. To know whether a battery bank is fully charged, measure its acid SG. It should be between 1.24 and 1.26.

It's that simple.


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